Expo 2025 Vision

The Empires of the future will be the empires of the mind.
Winston Churchill, 1943


Expos traditionally address one of the big questions of their age, but all we can safely predict about the world in 2025 is that the challenges will grow becoming ever more tangled.

London as the world’s Capital of Ingenuity will rise to any challenge and solve it the way only London can.

Perhaps the most important resource of the 21st century is our collective cognitive surplus, the sum of all our untapped brain power.

Only people working together in new ways in a truly global effort can start to solve the grand problems shared by humanity.

London is uniquely placed to bring the world together. We will apply the special breed of Ingenuity that is London, to create a platform for people and organisations from all over the world to meet, mixing and cross pollinating ideas and actions, solving tomorrow’s global challenges today.

The four pillars of Ingenuity

We’ve identified the following four pillars which drive London’s ingenuity. They are:

Four pillars

These pillars help create an inspirational environment, both predictable yet surprising, for people and ideas from all over the world. The city’s cosmopolitan fabric stimulates fresh-thinking and encourages ambition.

What is needed from a World Expo is not any one single solution but many, to harness the power of the global imagination, to explore uses of technology to generate new solutions, to unleash the power of cities and human ingenuity. This will be the London World Expo 2025.

An initiative with the greatest and most ambitious of aims, of Realising Human Potential, by Exploring Ingenuity, and which begins now.